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Lincoln Motor Company reinvents Buyer Engagement

[fa icon="calendar"] February 27, 2013 / by Wayne Wood

adweekAs a subscriber to a number of daily blogs and newsletter services, I appreciate the enormous opportunity the Internet allows me to observe, be educated and informed and most importantly quickly share "things" that catch my attention.  This below video really resonated with our philosophy of generating for clients the ultimate buying experience that starts well before the buyer commits to "buy".  This video comes from Adweek 's Ad of the Day series.  and talks about less being more... this is a wow for sure.

In the case of Lincoln's "Sound and Vision" project, it turns out less is more.
Last week, the automaker released what it billed as the "fully immersive digital experience" of its much-commented-on Beck-covers-Bowie concert. In English, that roughly means a website that lets viewers wander around a virtual facsimile of the show. On the site, visitors can see all of theater-in-the-round's 160-musician ensemble, and hear different versions of the mix based on their positions, during the various stages of the performance.

Check this and turn up the speakers and please comment!

The Lincoln Motor Company reinvents Buyer Engagement

Wayne Wood

Written by Wayne Wood

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