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Challenges facing marketing today

[fa icon="calendar"] December 12, 2012 / by Wayne Wood

Challenges facing marketing todayA report sponsored by a number of Marketing firms indicated that businesses will see growth in the focus on development of content as an integral component of marketing.  However, the ability to deliver meaningful, timely and relevant content to prospective buyers and customers is a challenge. 

Concerns that dominate every CMO range from the inability to produce relevant and compelling content to finding proven content marketing professionals.  Hubspot's entire business model is focused on helping today's marketers become tomorrow's Inbound experts and the priority is all about the identification, creation and distribution of timely data, relevant information that appeals to the intended audience, proven knowledge of teh subject and ultimately experience wisdom taht can be trusted.  The challenge is... the CXO suite has not moved beyond the term "customer".  They treat customers like a commodity that given enough money and resources, they can buy their way to successfully engaging each customer they wish to pursue.  Companies fail to acknowledge that we are nowing living in The Age of The Buyer and its no longer about customer strategy and retention,  it's all about the ability to be relevant, before, during and after the buying experience "journey". SO the question you must ask your organization.

Are you relevant and does your content resonate with your number  buyers in a compelling manner?

Wayne Wood

Written by Wayne Wood

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