Do you know your "why"?

The why strategy | is about understanding your “what”, your “how” and most importantly knowing the "why" of your business.  You already know what your business purpose is,  you know how to create, build and profit from your products and services... But can you describe why your organization does what it does.. for what purpose it serves...most importantly... do your customers, employees and investors know why? Apple knows their why.. do you?

Click to see videoHere is an inspiring video from Simon Sinek by TED . After you've seen the video, if you think you know your “why”, that's impressive... tell us what it is and we'll promote it here... if you feel you could use some help in finding your “why”... it's already there, but invisible to everyone.

Discover your "why" strategy


The what | is converting intangible assets into tangible outcomes | It is the ability to translate your "why" strategy in operational terms | It is the alignment of the organization to embrace a “why” strategy | it's about making why everyone's | every day purpose | It's about why being a continual process | It's about transformation through executive leadership  | It's about establishing a “why” strategy to generate new revenue performance and what needs to happen.

The Balanced Scorecard bookThe Balanced Scorecard book by Harvard Professors Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, describes how organizations are in the midst of a revolutionary transformation.  Industrial Age competition has shifted to an Information Age competition and is heading for a crash course of convergence as people, process and technology collide, converge and morph into a generation of real time consumption where the "why" of your business is paramount. 

If you don't know your “why”, you are at risk.  The nearest example is the recent phenomena of Apple's iPad platform where the true meaning of anytime, anywhere, anyhow and anything prevails. This is a”why” model and demonstrates how even dominant market leaders like Research In Motion are at risk if they do not transform and find their “why”.  Our “WHY” method is an acknowledged blueprint for successful business change in many organizations today and is the foundation for a “Why Strategy”.

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