Revenue Intelligence

There is perhaps a mental barrier in some companies to using business intelligence. Is it because there is an access problem or that business intelligence is somehow portrayed as out of reach to all but those companies who have multi-million dollar budgets? 

Are you still relying on spreadsheets and manual reports to determine the future?  Our reliable and timely business intelligence application ARE within range of the Chief Executive and help you produce quality reporting, predictive forecasting with precision.  Can a spreadsheet do that?

The current issues with Business Intelligence today are that you can only get to limited information with great effort or you need to employ specialists at a cost to create customized reports that might need changing on a regular basis or stale-dated by the time the report is required. It has been regarded to be one of the top priorities for companies (fig.1) and today even in a flat economy, it still figures very highly. Why?  If successfully done, revenue intelligence gives you the power to see where you are going; to correct your course and to align processes in the light of changing market forces.

Business Intelligence

Bridging The Communication Divide

Companies are presented with a challenge to bridge the gap between strategic and tactical decision-making because of the amount of data that is available in various locations in different formats that needs to be sorted, sifted, manipulated and put into a format that can be meaningful.

Even with processes in place to collect all this data the ability to pass this data or access it is still a major obstacle. Without passing coherent information between different levels of the company the resulting objectives and actions between the strategic and operational levels of the company is misaligned. When you consider how necessary it is to have instant access to current information, Business Intelligence reporting is the only way to effectively bridge the communication divide.