What does it mean to be a Digital company?

McKinsey&CompanyThe future of your business is all about being "digital".  And in order to establish a digital strategy for your organization you need to answer these questions;


  • What does it mean to be a digital company? 
  • What are the steps necessary to establish a corporate digital culture in my organization. 
  • How do I build a "Digital Factory" culture and resources.
  • Should I have a Cheif Digital Officer? 

The following is an excerpt from a McKinsey & Company interview with the chief digital officer of Renault as he explains how he created a corporate culture with digital as the core dna of the company.

How do you set up a Digital "Factory"

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Are their Digital "Factory" services providers available ?

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The Four Screen World is about to explode

New ImageThere was a time when the only screen we had was a Television screen and occassionally we'd go to a "Big" screen theatre.  Fast forward to today and screen conversations include not only your desktop and smart phone.  Add your tablet and the omnivore concept of simultaneous use of possibly three screens at once  and if you want to, throw in Google Glass!  

So why is it more important then ever before your "digital" organization to embrace the four screen world?  Below is an interesting presentation that took place at the Monaco Media Forum 2012.