It starts with design that is digital

Cloud based digital marketing and sales services

There was a time when the marketing and sales departments were uncontrolled costs of the  business. What if you could move those costs into profit centers and treat them as predictive investments?  What if you could demonstrate to your CFO that the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) was compelling again? It is now possible with our Digital Strategy as a Service Platform.  A proven approach to reducing the risk of poor sales performance or bad marketing decisions.

We will show you how to remove the burden of limiting approaches and unpredictive outcomes.  Not unlike Software as a Service (Saas) , the outsourcing of your digital strategy as a service in the cloud is now possible.

Digital Marketing as a Service

Our "Digital Marketing as a Service" programs enable you to focus on your business while we focus on creating the right messaging, creative, content and marketing resources you need to drive the marketing and sales engine.

While the majority of organizations apply the traditional "sales funnel" philosophy, RPM believes that approach is no longer sustainable in today's buyer environment. Buyer's are better informed and the funnel has been replaced with a "sphere of relevancy" model that must harness the buyer's journey and use digital conversations to generate meaningful engagements.  The result is an improved buyer facing experience on your website that enables you to engage in a trusted manner and convert prospects into qualified buyers.  

What are the top three lessons of successful digital marketing?  Here is a what Robert Tas managing director and head of digital marketing at JP Morgan Chase had to about successful digital marketing

Digital Sales Engine as a Service

Our "Digital Sales Engine as a Service" program enables you to keep the pipeline filled with better and more qualified buyers.  Using a dedicated team of people supported by proprietary technologies, we identify, develop, nurture and provide sales ready and Pre-Qualified Leads.

Not sure when and how your sales (inside or fireld) teams should engage with prospective buyers? can help guide you at every stage so you can be self-sufficient or if you prefer, outsource to our digital strategy teams.