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mobile application development

Only one of these weather apps is attempting to solve the real problem. Which one?

Only one of these weather apps is attempting to solve the real problem and while most would focus on the target audience, the application functionality and the testing of the development. Do you know which one?  Why did you choose that design?  

Few pay attention to the design elements that can make or break an application uptake.  After all,  why is it that Apple, released a new iOS for their iphone products and in doing so totally changed the look and feel (design).

Because in the end the user is buying an "experience"  and design is all about the optimal experience. 

We came across an excellent blog from great design group intercom and wanted to share it here

PhoneIt's no longer a futurist statement to say that mobile applications are the future.  Someday they just might be the "past".. but if you are not on the band wagon yet, you'd better start thinking about the "future" now, because mobile is now, and it's not going away. 

So you've got a great idea, possibly a new application you want to monetize, but not sure how to get started.  Contact us.  Our developers are located around the corner from you, or around the globe and all of them have the exact experience to create your next mobile experience on any connected, blackberry, tablet or outdoor screens display applications. There is an app waiting for you!

We can offer you a program that includes:

UX design, engineering, testing and support.

Product design strategy and marketing execution.

Our capabilities span User Experience Design, to End-to-end-Development.

Our platforms include Mac OS, Android, Blackberry or Windows/Web.

RevenuePerform's Application teams have developed for Business Productivity, Entertainment, Retail, Utility, Media Services, Travel, and Lifestyle .

Now.. what do you want to build, market and monetize?

The below video is an exaple of how we would approach our engagement on a new mobile project where Selleo would be used as a resource to deliver the final product.

Customer Journey Map Selleo from Selleo on Vimeo.