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For the Chief Information Officer is about | Complete, Integrated and Open Technology

The CIO is constantly in a battle to deliver the right services, on little or no funding and with high expectations of the business.  They are often saddled with the balance of keeping the lights on and servicing the new needs of the business. They seek solutions that will make their life, easy, predictable and secure. Our job is to make the CIO job easy when dealing with marketing and sales based technologies.  Why are we different?  Because we came form the world of ICT and understand the nuances of developing, integrating, providing and maintaining technology for SMB or for corporations.

revenueperform.com will make you proud of your IT investment without fear or disappointment... after all ICT should be an enabler. 

Technology is the catalyst for enabling business to achieve performance outcomes.  When revenue is at stake, the technology must deliver in a productive and cohesive manner.  It must not be an anchor to the business requiring every one to be an IT master or expert analyst to get to quality data.  For the Chief Executive, it's all about mitigating risk, maximizing compliance and ensuring governance of any Information, Communication or Technology (ICT) project. Revenueperform.com takes a pragmatic approach of helping organizations successfully deal with technology requirements. Often employing scrum methodologies, we help business drive results through iterative ICT strategies focused on business-based outcomes:

cache_2875603604Revenueperform.com respects that successful implementation of any sales or marketing technology requires endorsement and enthusiasm of all stakeholders.  Successful outcomes require a proactive "change" platform and the management of multiple resources, people and processes.  To implement a major business or technology change successfully requires an iterative process predicated on many factors.   We apply the The Standish Group model that identifies the following factors as essential to any Technology implementation outcome using PMP certified experts. Our quality assurance and testing teams are the same ones used by leading retailers, government agenceis and commercial enterprises:

  • Executive Support
  • User Involvement
  • Project Management Expertise
  • Clear Business Objectives
  • Minimized Scope
  • Standard Software Infrastructure
  • Firm Basic Requirements
  • Formal Methodology
  • Reliable Estimates

revenueperform | professional competencies

Our technical resources and partner “resumes” hold the names of numerous client experiences with whom they have been engaged in a specific service.  Be it the implementation of salesforce.com for a major nationwide courier service in Canada, MS Dynamics CRM for a local consulting business, or the implementation of Hubspot or Marketo, the range of client engagements covers a wide breadth of projects and programs both locally and across the globe.  The list is exhaustive and a brief summary would be unjust as the span of expertise and capacity that can better be demonstrated in a personnel interview. 

If you need independent advice, a key resource or technology expertise, revenueperform.com can provide the resources necessary to deliver success.  

We look forward to demonstrate our credentials.