technology generates revenue growth

Technology IntegrationTechnology is the hub of your digital strategy with marketing and sales the spoke.  The content you provide to you audiences is the wheel that drives buyers to act.  Functioning as an integrated service to the business, this technology hub is the core function of your entire business from your brands Internet presence to the tip of the funnel (website) to the process of managing each visitors interactions, the trust points the engage with and most of all delivery of relevant content at each stage of a buyers entire lifecycle (journey).

CRM IntegrationNow with more than 100,000 cloud based applications available today, organizations are seeking to leverage the inclusion of high productivity and new buyer listening services as part of the fabric of their customer relationship service. Your RevenuePerform team of experts are certified in the assessment, implementation and integration of industry leading software applications bring together your CRM tools wiht your email and marketing automation, all integrated and real time based.

Marketing AutomationToday, marketing automation manages the entire process from visitor traffic generation to customer engagement... all with real time reporting to keep your eye on the revenue performance of investments. Like the spoke of a wheel, Marketing Automation when properly tuned, keeps the sales engine running smoothly so that sales won't wobble. From smarter calls to action and predictive workflows to finely tuned testing, the smart way to delivery of marketing requires automation and enablement from RevenuePerform.

Email MarketingEmail marketing is the number one conduit to today buyers and your customers. When integrated as part of a marketing process, email can serve as the lowest cost of delivering new ideas, content, announcements or product services capabilities. Systematizing the process is what is the most crucial requirement that requires maintenance of a healthy database of hungry names who just can't wait to receive an email from you. Making sure you keep them happy requires care and feeding of your database That's what we do well.

Smart WorflowsScheduling email campaigns that are personalized to each buying target can be a nightmare if not managed well.  Now you can automate the delivery of new and unique content. The result, each and everyone one of your prospective buyers and customers who visit your website will receive a personalized experience that is uniquely designed to motivate them to act.  And when they return to your website, they will no longer have to re-input their email credentials or see the same landing pages.  The experience can be personalized and exclusive to them.

Mobile Apps DevelopmentMobile IS the future business services delivery and business marketing.  In the Age of the Buyer, your audiences have embraced the use of their tablet or smartphone and omni-present viewing such that they expect to be able to engage, interact and experience your organization's content via a mobile device.  What you present to them and How you entertain or inform them is no longer a choice. Being moble enabled is no longer an option. It is the future of your business.