What is exactly is Digital Marketing?

Content DevelopmentDigital Marketing is an integral component of today's commerce and business.  

Gartner states "a "Digitized Business" is an organization that demonstrates a strategic intent and an ability to optimize revenue, growth and efficiency through the effective exploitation of digital technology, information, channels, products and services and do so across all processes as a fully integrated part of the business strategy."

The future of business lies in the hands of the Chief Digital Officer (CMO) who is charged with the establishment of an integrated brand experience across all channels of interaction with its entire ecosystem of audiences, stakeholders, partners and employees.  The traditional "broadcast" for impressions no longer applies in the world where buyers are more sophisticated, aware and savvy about their needs.  

The Internet, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud based technologies (iSMAC) have revolutionized consumers.  The CMO is the new leader as the officer in charge of the revenue performance of the business. It's strategies, growth plans and brand equity are the key revenue performance indicators (RPI's) necessary to maximize each marketing and sales investment.