Are Websites Art? Science? or Both?

cache_3943583504Pretty much every organization has a website, each with its own personality, design approach and responsiveness.  Some sites cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and require on going maintenance to keep them fresh, relevant and engaging.  Some sites were constructed at a point in time in the past and have never been changed or updated.  More recent trends show signs of the use of an infograph where the entire story is on one single landing page.  And yet again, some sites may look pretty on your own desktop screen, but may not be responsive on a tablet or smart phone.

What really is the role of the website and what are the most important considerations to apply?

Website are the number one place where EVERY single buyer will visit before they actually buy something.  In some cases a site must be a complex series of pages developed to provide buyer specific content, tracking and interaction.  Other site could be one page with contact information only and others can be an entire experience. YOUR site IS YOUR BRAND and as such must reflect the very essence of your business vision, purpose and value to your target audiences. Failing that, your fall back is you becuase the business is the people behind the brand.  And yes while they are buying you, they are buying risk assurance, safety, confidence, excitement, and more. They are buying an experience that provides them with happiness.

  • Are visitors to your site happy to be there when they arrive or do they abandon quickly? 
  • Are visitors finding the exact information that corresponds to the keyword or key phrase they used in their search engine inquiry?
  • Are they enjoying the experience when they discover your website and telling others?

Websites need to be very very smart, and designed by smart marketers.

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