technical writing

cache_4107179204Today's marketers must be a jack of all trades and a master at each.  One of those competenciesrequires the creation, curation and collaboration of white papers with content that is relevant for today's buyers.  The challenge is.  How do you write an article, whitepaper or produce a video that will get the buyers attention and resonant with their needs.  In the Information, Technology and Communications arena that requires skilled technical wordsmiths who understand the buyers' "language" and know how to convey technical terms and write a document that will engage the buyer to act. 

The RevenuePerform team has a deep supply of technical designers and writers who understand how to best communicate a technical document to a target audience. Our teams write technical documents for major Government agencies today.  Here is an example of a recent document prepared for the IT Leadership community (CIO's) on the subject of Complex IT Projects. How to mitigate risk of failure.

pdfTechnical Whitepaper Example
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