Content Management | From Flat to 3D

An effective content strategy requires three things:

  • Relevant topics of interest,
  • Diverse forms of content, and
  • Consistent campaign execution.


Best-in-class companies have a significant advantage over their competitors because they have the ability and resources to meet the criteria above. They know the type of content their prospects are looking for, when they are looking for it, and where they go to find it. They have the ability to deliver effectively across all mediums from their website to social media and syndication.

All buyers start out hungry for information. They have a problem to solve and precious little time to find the solution, let alone time to spend talking with a sales rep. The company that conveniently meets that prospect's needs is likely to win the sale. The key is managing all these moving parts in a cohesive manner and turning it into a business process that is repeatable and measurable.

A recent article by emarketer claims that "Quality" content is the key contributor to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  And according to an April 2014 survey of marketing professionals worldwide conducted by Ascend2, quality content creation was the most effective SEO tactic, cited by 57% of marketers. - See more at:


Revenue Perform's is a complete content factory capable of producing everything you need to communicate your company's value proposition.  The service includes the following:

  • 1 x Corporate Video (Avatar)
  • 3 x Testimonial Video's
  • 3 x Infographics (Buyer's Guides)
  • 3 x White Papers
  • 15 x Thought leadership Subjects
  • 15 x Q+A Video's
  • 15 x Web Articles
  • 15 x Downloadable PDF's
  • 15 x Podcasts
  • 60 x Unique Blogs


Ad hoc Services available include Content Audit + Mapping and the below solutions

cache_4107187504Technical Writing |
Technical documentation and IT "speak" requires our writers and content designers to conduct extensive subject matter research and obtain relevant reference materials as part of the process of articling for our clients.  Our team of technical writers are PhD's in their field, formers CIO's, Legal experts on today's technologies, formally trained graphic designers, digital and traditional marketers and highly successful sales professionals.  The benefit to our clients is the creation of compelling, relevant and easy to digest content that relates to each audience interests.

cache_3945804904Content Campaign + Design
There was a time when an organization would hire a traditonal Advertising Agency to become their "Agency of Record".  Their role would be to orchestrate a marketing campaign based on the brands identity first, then the target audience. Today's B2B and B2C consumers are only interested in timely, relevant and easy to consume information and content that educates, entertains and engages latent buyers.  To reach buyer's hearts, vendors must multiple "placement" of their content assets that must include; video's, infographic's, slideshares, white papers and digital brochures, all in the quest of communicating relevancy to a buyers wants needs and interests.

cache_3945804904Brand | Identity
Your brand is your is your statement of trust with your audiences.  Your brand represents the first impression to a sustaining impression and along the buyers journey,  continuously re-inforce why your brand aligns to your buyer's core beliefs.  ZMOT (Zero Moments of Trust) are Google's view of the interactions between buyers and sellers, audiences, consumers and communities.  At RPMXO, our job is to make the brand digital where it can best generate the purpose of business.  To generate revenue. Your identity is the currency that carries your mission and vision along the path of your target customer audiences. such that each interaction with your brand is a moment of trust being shared. 

cache_3945804904Sales Strategy | Messaging

Canadian thought leader and author, Marshall McLuhan made the statement

cache_3945804904Email Strategy, deployment and sustainability |
Current statistics still confirm that email is the number one conduit to interact with prospective buyers, target audience lists and your existing customer based.  Problem is, most organizations are spammers who interrupt their audiences with self-serving messages or irrelevant information that cause their buyers and customer audiences to disengage, abandon and opt out.  New Anti-spans are taking hold and the email highway is about to become a toll road restricted to those marketers who have a professional license to drive on the highway of this form of messaging.  The grantor of those licenses is your most precious source of business, your prospect and you must know exactly how to a good email "driver".   Because if you abuse the privilege, it can be a very expensive ticket for your business... to lose precious email addresses of your markets. 

cache_3945804804Presentations |
We have all heard the statement... "A picture is worth a thousand words".. and many have been exposed to the zen like stories about how the late Steve Job's would present to his audiences.  Click this link to a just released slideshare from our business partner, HubSpot on the subject of "presentations"..  no need to ramble on any further, there are some pictures that are worth thousands of words.  And yes, we can help you with your next presentation.

Your organizations' story is akin to an epic movie. And your buying audience loves to watch movies, be educated, entertained and excited by your story.  To capture the essence of your brand and business purpose, is enhanced when the use of professional and natural video's is included as part of your content. Appropriately produced photography, graphics and video can generate positive results when your audience see your brand as being real and genuine. If you rely exclusively on stock photo's, poorly produced video's and contrived photography.  You dilute the value of your brand, your message and your content's intent. And that is to produce revenue performance to the business.  Our services include concept, design, production and delivery of the following:

Video Development. Q+A Videos. Corporate Overview. Product/Service Spotlight Videos. Sales Portals

cache_39458064043D GRAPHICS |
While the notion that content is king, the reality is relevant content that is engaging and speaks to the buyers interest is capitalized content. Today's business consumers are being bombarded by content that disrupts the buyers space. Buyers are more sophisticated, selective and expect your message to be easy to read, quick to digest and relevant to their interests. That's means creating entertaining, high quality visual graphics, mobile responsive capture forms and relevant content that appeals to the interest of today's buyers.

Here is an example of the caliber of skills and expertise our 3D Graphics team has to offer. Watch the video and see several examples of major client projects performed in recent years.

cache_3945804904MOBILE APPS + TESTING |
Comscore has released their study on Mobile and Internet use in Canada.  The stats are impressive as the consumption of mobile services by Canadian's is epic.  So how can you best ensure that your business capabilities are e-mobile enabled?  RevenuePerform's application development teams span the globe delivering applications on the breadth of platforms today.