Content Delivery

Content is your singular most important conduit to your audience.

Your marketing person comes to you and says ...Content is King!  We need more!! and you ask.. what are you talking about?  Below is a great infographic that will give you a perspective of why content is essential to your marketing mix.

In a recent study by B2B, digital marketers were surveyed and identified that 26% of their total marketing budgets were being allocated to content marketing initiatives.  51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their speed in content marketing over the next 12 months.  According to the below results, the biggest challenges for marketers are producing engaging content (36%), producing sufficient content (21%) and finding budget to product content (20%).  For more information you can download the report here.


There are three steps in optimizing a web presence.

  • Using the right technology for content management
  • Writing relevant content
  • Promoting it to search engines

There is much written about this ever-evolving subject. RevenuePerform supports companies in offering a search-engine-friendly technology (SEF, SES). We also offer SEO services to clients to make each campaign a success. <more...>