Sales Enablement via mobile + online learning

Recent research from Forrester and IDC shows that companies are implementing sales enablement practices as the key linchpin required to help a company bridge the gap between their business strategies and how they execute in the field.  One of our past clients, Stimaré has a learning platform and partner community exchange solution that helps tech companies accelerate product learning, channel effectiveness and create partner communities of excellence through social exchanges amongst like minded people.

Organisations attempting to implement these initiatives often find themselves asking questions such as:

  • How do I maximize the value of the investment made in enabling the sales team?
  • How do I adjust our sales strategies and capabilities to match the extreme pressures buyers are under, to understand the impact a purchase will have on the business?
  • How do I increase the skills of my team while minimising their time out of the field?
  • How do I get enough of their attention to ensure that the messages actually get transferred, and I get improved business results?

How can Stimaré E & M Learning help?

The innovative Stimaré Sales Enablement Community has been developed to address just such questions.

The Sales Enablement Community:

  • Helps a company bridge the gap between their business strategies and how their direct or in-direct sales force actually executes them in the field.
  • Is an ongoing learning platform and process that equips direct or in-direct sales forces with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with customers.
  • Connects lead generation, business knowledge, and lead conversion knowledge together in a single environment to maximise the skill levels of sales teams.
  • Has the ability to measure the business impact of the solution.
  • Meets the challenges of needing information here and now in “bite size chunks” on different web and mobile devices, allowing your team to learn anytime, anywhere’.
  • Automatically incorporates Integrated continuous learning to maximise ROI.

To find out more about Stimaré and the Sales Enablement Community, contact us at 416.220.8811 or email to explore how we can assist you in getting the best return from your Sales Enablement Dollars.