Drive More Traffic and Leads

A full understanding how marketing campaigns are performing, at any given moment, is a marketer's dream. With Optify, you’ll get immediate visibility into your entire marketing and sales funnel and you’ll see the effectiveness of your efforts across all digital marketing channels. And you’ll be able to determine the impact that your activities and campaigns have on your visitors and leads, allowing you to invest in those channels that drive the most value. 

Convert Visitors to Customers

Knowing who your visitors are, what leads to prioritize and when to act is imperative to turning visitors into customers. Optify’s real time insights and intelligence helps streamline and automate lead qualification and nurturing activities and arms your salesforce with the intelligence they need to close more deals. And with our CRM platform integration, you’ll be able to easily measure ROI with the latest sales and traffic information.

Measure and Share Results

In the world of online marketing, measuring ROI and justifying effort is critical. Optify’s real time marketing analytics gives you data, insights and reports you need to understand which digital marketing campaigns are working. With a personalized dashboard and customized reports, you’ll be able to share your results with your boss, your team or even your board of directors.

Built for the Real Time Web

Unlike other marketing solutions built for the static, email-oriented Internet, Optify is designed for the Real Time Web. Real time marketing enables you to act and react to news, events, and customer needs when they happen. You know what your prospects, customers and readers want, when they want it. Real time marketers know what to say and when.
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Optify is the leading provider of marketing software and services for the Real Time Web.

Optify’s hosted, easy-to-use platform enables businesses and online publishers to generate leads and more traffic through organic search and social media, create and manage social media campaigns, prioritize visitors and leads, and track and share results with simple but powerful enterprise scale reporting.

Make data driven decisions, improve marketing performance and share results = Revenue Performance

Enterprise Class Reporting

Enterprise class reporting capabilities for all the Optify data, with out-of-the-box reports for traffic sources, social media channels, SEO performance and marketing activities.
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Salesforce Integration
Enhance you Salesforce information with the Optify unique data through a seamless integration. Analyze your entire pipeline from an initial visit to a closed deal.

Visitor and Lead Intelligence Data
Find out which industries visit most often, areas of the country that are most interested in your product, job titles of the visitors that would be most open to your value proposition and so much more

Real Time Dashboard
Have a fully customized view of data and metrics that matter most to you. Get Lead Alerts as they happen, see your best performing channels and campaigns, and customize traffic reports to update in real time

ROI Analysis
Link your open, closed-won and closed-lost opportunities with information about your web leads. Know which traffic sources result in the most won deals across direct traffic, organic search, paid search and referrals.