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Imperative # 7 - Unlock Your Culture
What is Revenue .Digital?

According to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey, high-level marketing executives worldwide intend to reclassify their Marketing function as a Revenue driver.

Today's organizations are at a cross roads of change as it relates to how they invest, manage and monitor their efforts to find new customers.  From the marketing, sales and customer service requirements to managing the culture of the business,  growth oriented organizations need to integrate, iterate and innovate the entire experience they offer their audiences .

In the past, these operated as silo's independent of one another in such a manner that the left hand never knew what the right hand was doing.  Sales operated on its own  plowing the fields while marketing was sprinkling the fields with seeds and rain. When the prospect became a customer, all the intelligence, conversations and trails of information and customer knowledge where either in someone's head or on a laptop.

Revenue growth strategies for success mandate that every business must operate as a singular unified service designed to integrate the entire fabric of marketing, sales and customer service such that the "experience" investment can be measured completely. 

While this may appear to be logical and evolutionary in advancing the modernization of the business, the greatest impediment is culture.  Culture is the mesh and fabric of success for every organization who want to achieve greater outcomes and growth.

Culture is the human equation that separates each business from its competitors and when operating in harmony, makes the business significantly more attractive to new buyers and trusted by customers alike.

Do you know the real cost of your sales and marketing?

It is a bold statement to suggest that culture is what holds back an organizations' success and sustainability, however it is a frank observation that only a few brands get it.

We are all familiar with the Disney experience. Disney manifests from the inside out, a culture of genuine purpose to serve guests in the most exquisite manner possible.  And while it is not an easy assignment to achieve, it is born in the DNA of the organization from the start. It is also the very foundation of companies like Amazon have figured out the formula for success lies in the culture.

So what does culture have to do with revenue and digital?  In The Age of the the Buyer, it is everything.  Buyers are no longer an old shirt you can put on to be comfortable in. Buyers are younger in their thinking, They take action on purpose and they know what they want when it is presented to them in a transparent, honest and in a manner that is trusted.  Those buyer actions mirror what the culture of the companies they chose to do business with, the ones they choose to continue to business with and the ones they choose to abandon. 

So how does digital play in culture.  It too is everything because everything is about being digital.  Your business must think digital from the start as a means to maximize the quality of the experience to your audiences... for doing it the old "manual" way is no longer sustainable. 

Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why"   - The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do is about defining the culture of business.


Culture is the fabric of marketing, sales and customer service.
Sales, Marketing & Customer Integration

The solution to your digital problem is analog-people. You need talent, skills and a development strategy the build a digital purposed business.

What is new Vision?
  • If you ask any of the employees what the company actually does,  you may be surprised at the answers.. some will be bang on while others will be difficult to understand and for thecustomer to apply.

Revenue Discovery

  • Our experiences prove that the manner to best transition your business for the future growth lies in having a firm understanding of all the assets of people, process and technology.  By conducting a discovery session, you will rediscover the business attributes and gain greater insights into those investments that are generating maximum returns. 

Revenue Navigation

  • We will help you navigate the land mines of change and identify the optimal path for accelerating revenue growth leveraging the value of successes.


  • Our team will help you to execute a flawless programmatic initiative designed to engage your teams and bring marked harmony to their conversations internally with peers and externally with your audiences.


Technology Research

  • There are more than 4,000 technology choices to consider when you are seeking to better manage your revenue growth investments.  We can help you to identify where to start,  what assets to consider or retire and most of all, find the answers you've been asking.

Innovation Monetization

  • It is one thing to have an idea, it is another thing to be able to monetize it.  Monetization is the fuel of the business and companies often focus on the wrong opportunities. We help you find better paths to monetizing innovation. 
KPI's + Data Analysis


  • Your business cannot run in a vacuum when there is no governance of your sales and marketing spend. You need to install key performance indicators and measure the performance of your investments.

Growth Strategies

What is growth? Is it a bunch of new logo's to boost about?  Is it getting that big customer?  Is it about establishing a new beach head in a new country?  Growth strategies take on all forms and the priority should be to ahve a game planfor growth. 

Revenue Advisor. wayne wood

Wayne leads the revenue growth program for  As the co-founder of the firm, he is responsible for helping clients drive exponential growth for every customer engagement.

He is the author of numerous research and thought leadership white papers on the subject of how companies can increase revenue growth by transforming their organizations with talent, technology and trust metrics.  He brings to clients expertise in business development, and sales management roles with Xerox Canada, CA Technologies, Oracle Corporation and TELUS Canada.  As the former vice-chair of the Information Technology Association of Canada, he led the ITAC Procurement committee assisting in the re-architecture of Government Vendor procurement policy standards. 

His executive education includes Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, McMaster's The Disney Institute program and during his career, he has accumulated numerous certifications in Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Psychometrics and Digital Marketing.  He is an Accredited Associate of UK's Institute of Independent Business International, and is a volunteer with ICTC Canada.  Wayne provides mentoring to start-ups and early stage companies across the globe.

He is a certified partner for HubSpot and IBM Watson sales and marketing technology solutions.

Current projects include strategy and growth driven design efforts for Peeristics Inc, business development for QA Consultants, Shore Consulting Group, Hitachi Consulting, and advisory services to Australia based, a global leader in the  Advertising and Digital Agency management solutions  and London, UK IoT security firm 

Wayne W. Wood

Does you busines need a tune up?
Business Growth Strategies 
The majority of organizations may have a plan at the start of the new year, and over time, it ends up being a dust collector.

For those of you who understand the mechanics of a automotive engine,  the most important piece of the vehicle is the timing belt as it is the only way to and engine can operate. '

For those of you who are more familiar with computerization,  the only way acomputer can work is with a quartzclock that is part of the computer CPU.

Without a timing belt and without a clock crystal, the system cannot run itself.  It needs some form of governor to keep everything operating as required.


Like the timing belt of a car engine or the quartz clock of a computer, you business requires a timing system to keep track of the business performance. 

Most executives fails to recognize this because they have evolved the business in a manner that the "system" is just that.  Every business is a system and in order to achieve exponential growth and prosperity, you need to systematize the entire business. 

Our job is to help you identify the possible loose link in the chain and to make your the timing of your buisiness actions is predictive.

KPI Revenue Performance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Execution
  • Customer Success


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