How to become a Customer Company

Customer Experience Management | the opportunity to be the ultimate

How do you create an entirely differentiated company?  
Revenue Perform's Chief Brand Officer, Harish Chauhan shares his insights having conducted over 150 of what he calls "Brand Interventions".  Chauhan states "business success is based on the fundamental understanding that the purpose, culture and why of the business is what separates the company from any competitor."

Today's executive management has been hit by the Tsunami of the digital era.  No longer is it possible to find, attract and convert prospective buyers into delighted customers using traditional approaches.  If you don't have a direct connection with your audience before hand, and know what separates you from the rest of the pack, how can you be successful when you don’t have the opportunity to have a "digital" heart to heart.

Take a Company DNA self test 
Ask each of your senior executives in your executive team what exactly is your company's purpose?  Why should a buyer care about your company? Its’ products?  What story does your management team say that aligns perfectly to the potential interest of yourideal customer ? Does every executive describe the core value in a couple of words?  Can EVERYONE in your company state the businesses purpose in the exact same words? Do those statements resonate with your target markets?

Are you providing an Ultimate Experience of your Company at every interaction? 
Start thinking about how can you best define the "experience" your company provides to your target buyers and customers?  And then build the experience into the culture, interactions, messaging and promotion.


A timeless slogan of purpose 

Chances are you are familiar with this slogan from BMW (Bavarian Motor Works). Think about those words.  The Ultimate Driving Machine.  Here is a company that makes mechanical things that move people.  They could have called themselves a people moving company.  But that would not have communicated the "experience" their buyers enjoy by using their products.

Timeless is the BMW slogan. The Ultimate Driving Machine statement transcends time, place and product. Today, BMW Motors is all about the promotion of the new series of electric cars... not gas or diesel power. The slogan remains intact as BMW is all about providing consumers the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Think about your slogan and business purpose for a moment.  What is your ultimate driving machine? And what will your consumers and buyers experience from your company? Today? Tomorrow? At the front door, the digital door or the back door? Are you a Customer Company?


Watch this video to see what great brands are doing to become a Customer Company.

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