Introducing The Age of the Buyer

Age of the BuyerWe have entered the Age of the Buyer.  Your customers are no longer who you think they are.  They don't need you, they have no interest in your brand, your products or services...unless you are relevant to them. And you must continuously treat them as prospective buyers and not customers.

Buyers are not the customers you think they are.  They are opaque to your brand marketing, social messaging and sales interruptions. They are exploring products and services in their world conducting due diligence, reviewing options, engaging in social dialogue with their peers and confirming their research with strangers first, not brands or logo's. They don't trust your promise... yet.

Buyers seek out answers from their peers and not you.
Why?  Because they don't trust you. 

What must you do to earn trust in The Age of The Buyer?

What's changed and why? How can you be relevant and catch their attention?  What do you need to do in order to be... relevant? 

Today's Buyer's have become immune to your brand. While they needed your help in the past, you have become less important to their preliminary research and investigations.  Your value has diminished to practically zero.

What must you do differently to find, connect and convert buyers into qualified marketing leads and eventually qualified sales leads? 

YOU NEED TO BE DIGITAL because you are only doing half the job of sales and marketing.

Watch this TED event that describes how Creating Memorable Customer Experiences is more important than you know. Tell us your thoughts as to its relevance to our notion about buyers.