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Imperative # 2 - Touch Your Audiences
What is Relevancy .Digital?

As the world undergoes massive changes on all fronts, the notion of standing still and thinking your audience will be patient can no longer be considered. The "always on, always being everywhere"  has arrived impacting how B2B and  B2C organizations engage with their audiences.  

The Never Offline atmosphere of today's audiences neccessitates organizations to be Authentic, Authoritative and Available.... Always.

You need to increase the relevancy of your brand, you need a team of experts who understand the mechanics of social business media and know the difference between social media and business media. 

TALENT | Engineering Social Business requires talent that includes Audience Persona's, Creativity and Content Design. 

STRATEGY | It requires strategists who know what tactics will generate the optimal engagement with your brand.


TECHNOLOGY | Technologists who understand the platforms and tools required to

  • Awaken audiences to your brand value proposition
  • Drive curiosity and traffic to your website and business premises
  • Expand your brands presence on their channels of interest and create positive experiences
  • Act as social proof to validate your genuine value and brand capabilities

Social Business requires data scientists expertise in the fields of;

  • Website Traffic Data
  • Fan/Follower Data
  • Social interaction data
  • Social content performance

Is your brand relevant to your audiences?
  • Be Authentic | The greatest value anyone can serve is to be authentic and in a world that is being bombarded with "Fake News" and manufactured opinion, it is essential to be authentic with your audiences.
  • Be Authoritative | It is critical that you can demonstrate your expertise and present your value as an authority on a subject or the service you provide. It needs to be acknowledged by your customers, their peers and trusted parties as genuine knowledge, expertise and experience that is based on facts and not opinion.
  • Be Available to your audience | Your audience is comprised of existing customers, partners, influencers and future buyers. They may not know the value you bring today, however, if you focus on being relevant, you will earn their attention, trust and future business. 
Econsultancy findings confirmed that using a programmatic approach is the future of marketing.

62% of marketers are using programmatic for brand objectives, with the expectation of increasing this budget by an average of 37% in the next two years.  Econsultancy


Your audiences will learn about you in a random manner that you will knowingly orchestrate. Like a symphony, it requires instruments.
Most organizations lack the understanding that success can only be achieved when you can synchronize the business purpose that harnesses the value of people, process and technologies.

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Relevancy Advisor | Harish Chauhan

Harish is an international business and brand strategist, educator and the author of Unconventional Business — “The Three Startling Truths for Prosperity in Business.” ®

As founder and CEO of Business by Philosophy, Chauhan has engineered more than 200 “Brand Relevancy” interventions for privately held and enterprise corporations across the globe. He presents at leading-edge conferences, business courses and workshops worldwide.  When not working, he enjoys time with his family, and his love of music...  yes he's a closet rocker. 

He is also a graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa with B.Eng. and B.ID degrees... those chops stand out in his design thinking and brand acumen. 

His current projects include re-engineering of brand learning programs for CAA, KIA Automotive and Loblaws as well as projects for the University Health Network in Toronto. 

Author of “The Three Startling Truths for Prosperity in Business®“. 

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Are you relevant to your buyer?

There was a time when all you needed o be successful was a viable product and quality of service that was better than your competition.  Not so today.  Today you need to continuously be relevant with your audiences, knowing how buyers think, procure and prefer to engage. You need to speak in the language of your buyer.  You need to be more than relevant.  You need to be compelling and be capable of making things happen.  Fast.

Buying audiences vary and most often it is a committee affair where every collaborates on the decision criteria, vendor selection and expectations of performance. 

Each buyer as a persona, carries with them their own views of what is important to organization, what is important to them and most of all, are you the right fit. 



Our experiences and expertise as sales and marketing professionals affords us the opportunity to gain value insight, business knowledge and most of all, the understanding of what are the "high watermark" questions that you must ask and be capable of succinctly communicating to each buyer person you encounter.

Your future customers as potential buyers cross many scenarios to include;

Economic Buyers focused on the bottom line

Experience Buyers focused on the value you generate for them

CXO buyers who will only deal with people they can trust 


Technical Buyers who have concerns about security, integration s and ease of use.

  • Social Business marketing  | Social Media Marketing has peeked for the businesses that saw it as the next shiny apple to add to their marketing mix.  And According to Ogilvy, organic reach for brands on Facebook has seen a shocking 49% drop from peak levels in October 2013.  So what does that mean?
  • Personalized Engagement | Today’s buyers are continuously being exposed to greater innovation by the brands they prefer to do business. The reason... is their experiences have been personalized to them.
  • Video InteractionsNo one has the desire nor the time to sit down and read a novel about your business. Their world is 160 characters of text and video’s they can view on their mobile devices.

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