Internet Seo MarketingHow can I make the best decision on buying SEO services?

We are often asked the question "Does your agency do SEO?"  and the first response we offer is.  That depends on what you think SEO is.  For most, the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a common phrase to describe the technical activities and web content page word schemes necessary to get ranked by a search engine.  Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines are continuously crawling every website that is alive on the Internet.  Their engines collect the words, assets (images, video's and tagged graphics) and index them according to a series of math relevancy calculations that is used to best categorize each "asset" accordingly.

In order to ensure your organizations' wesbite is relevant to your target audience, SEO is essential to ensure you are not missed, incorrectly ranked or lost in the ocean of websites on the Internet. The "story" you tell your audiences must have appropriate content assets to support the story. That story needs to be continuously adjusted, tweaked, refined and in some cases replaced with new content, all with the goal of maximizing the relevance of your brand on the Internet. 

Is SEO about my website or something else?

SEO, is a never ending process that requires constant attention to every page on your website, your blog posts and what you say to your communities.  Your content "assets" must consistly thread relevant words such that the Google's of the world appropriately index that content.  This effort requires dedicated attention to tune the your website so that a search engine captures exactly what you intended to publish such that it is deemed to be the most relevant of any and all domains on the Internet.

SEO is also all about the various "signals" that your social branding generates as conversations across various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  These conversations generate content and adds to the relevancy of your brand in a search query that best aligns to you. 

How can I make sure I get ranked on Google so my customers can find me on the Internet?

I never promised you a rose garden, is an old phrase from a movie and relates to this discussion as no one has the absolute perfect SEO service that can guarantee you will be the very first position...  unless, all the stars of your entire marketing are aligned to that goal. And that takes content...content....and more content. Images, infographics, slide decks, whitepapers, articles, video's, calls to action and more. Every single one of these must be "Optimized" for indexing. 

How to Find the best source for SEO expertise

So do we do SEO?  Yes we do, provides the resources, technology and process to improve the ranking of your website content and enables your content to be the most relevant to your target buying audience. And that entails you having a clear mission and vision, strategy and most of all, content...content...and more content. With that content, we do SEO work for it and most of all for you.

Google does not rank websites. They rank content on pages