Are you looking to hire a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Management ProgramIf you are like most businesses, good marketing people are easy to find. There are ton's of people willing to experiment at your company. Yes we said, experiment.  When you interview them, they will tell you all the right things that they know about.  Building websites, doing SEO, writing whitepapers, running PPC campaigns. They might even have had some experience with Marketing Automation software!

So what do you mean by experience?  In the Toronto GTA, there are over five hundred positions open for some form of marketing person. Ironically, no two organizations post employment job descriptions for the same job the same... even though the job is basically the same role.  And that role is to apply marketing concepts that generate leads, better buyer engagement that translates into satisfied customers.  Customers that fuel your business growth with sustainable revenues. 

Can you afford to hire an experiment?

You've worked hard to get your business to where it is today.  Now you are ready to take the next step and hire marketing person.  Can you afford to be an experiment?  Definately not. 

Marketing has changed.  Has your business?

The future of every organization comes down to two words.  Buyers and Digital. Those two are interconnected because of the Internet.  Sure you don't need the Internet to sell your lemonade in front of your house.  Remember doing that?   What was the common element of that experience?  The location.  You were conveniently found and accessable to your buyers as they walked, drove or bicycled by your beautiful lemonage stand. Can you say the same for your current buyers?  Today, the location is digital and in order to be a digital company, you need to use people who are all about being digital.

So when you consider hiring your next marketing person, are they going to use you to experiment about being digital and set up a lemonade stand at the front door of your building?  

Revenue Perform provides a  complete "marketing department in a box".

Instead of taking your chances on hiring a marketing person who you will train, or train themeselves,  hire RevenuePerform and we'll train you.  We will teach you all about being digital, and and delvier a program that generate new business!  

What do I get for for this marketing service? Answer - Everything

We provide everything you with everything you need to generate new sales demand, qualified leads and sales conversions. Everything. Yes, Everything including the kitchen sink,  well not the sink, but close. We will provide the People Resources. Technology and Content, every month, every week, every day.