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Imperative # 6 - Convert Loyalty into Equity
What is Loyalty .Digital?
Converting Customer Loyalty into equity requires a robust, scalable and intelligent platform capable of engineering loyalty regardless of any past transactions.

In the Age of the Buyer, organizations must recognize that your buyer is only a customer at the moment of the transaction.  After that, loyalty must be continually earned.

While survey tools like Net Promoter Score may give you a warm and fuzzy that your customers are happy with your brand, they do not reveal many factors that contribute to the potential risk of customer churn or revenue attrition.

Today's buyers are more sophisticated, have greater choice and will quickly abandon your brand if given the opportunity.  You need more than great features and benefits and chasing do your competition will only make things worse. Just ask Research In Motion's Blackberry.  You need to deliver an exceptional all encompassing experience at every single touch point, before, during and after the sales transaction has been made. 

Most often, marketers and sales professionals invest in the attraction, engagement and conversion of opportunities, yet once the deal is done, out goes all the promises made and the customer is now at the mercy of your customer support and implementation teams who have inherited a bunch of promises.  Your must fulfill its obligation to treat the customer like they were before the transaction even considered.


You need to love your customers like never before. You need to treat them as if they were always a prospective buyer.  A program makes that possible.

Both consumers and business buyers expect to receive a personalized service Amazon like experience.  They enjoy being treated special with custom incentives that are relevant exclusively to them and that you know their preferences.  As a consequence, brands must include loyalty services as an integral component of the customer experience, before, during and continuously after the sale. 

Brands need to respect their customers like they treated them as a prospective buyer.  That means every time they interact with your brand.  By delivering a continuous experience from the physical to the digital and back again, improves customer loyalty, buyer re-engagement and increases brand equity.

Get to know your buyers holistically. See first hand, the customer "journey" across your enterprise because most organizations are often unaware of customer interaction hiccups, slow response or just being lazy.

This places revenue growth at risk..

 And be loyal to your customer. Growth Stack

A survey by UK based eMarketer identified that when consumers were asked what they expected from brands in return for loyalty, the first expectation was SERVICE.

Following that was personalized rewards and exclusive offers.  The use of a loyalty engine, enables a brand to have a continuous digital relationship with its customers thereby increasing retention and eventually business equity. For Loyalty programs to be successful, you must continuously interact with your audiences in the channels they wish to consume on and always be "on" in terms of providing relevant and high value content, incentives and rewards in return of that loyalty.  

In the consumer market, audiences expectations include:

Savings and Personalized offers and discounts

Free products, upgrades of value

Experiential rewards they would not normally receive

Enhanced "white-glove" service

Spika Inc.  |  London, UK
Spika Website Capture.png

The Disney Company has been using SPIKA's Spotlight® loyalty platform for over ten years.
Introducing Spika, The Magic behind the Disney brands

Our platform has been built on UK based Spika, the loyalty software that is used across the globe by major brands including Disney and Marvel properties.

Spika's Spotlight extends, enriches and personalizes brand marketing campaigns whilst capturing valuable audience + user insights in real time.

  • SPIKA Spotlight is designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with your existing IT platforms as an "on premises" or in the "cloud" service.
  • The platform manages the entire user's digital experience from initial sign-up, rewards, redemption or subscription service.  A programmatic series of digital interactions ensues and based on activities, behaviors, or consumption, patterns reveal the most appropriate personalization .
  • User Information is mapped to a program journey designed to maximize the opportunity for increasing take-up, referral or some form of digital interactions.
  • The results include higher customer retention,  brand equity and most of all, quality memorable experiences.

Our Loyalty platform includes many unique features including:

eCommerce Services | The SpotLight® solution manages real time engagement, customer digital interactions, e-Commerce and turnkey fulfillment of customer shopping transactions.

Available in 25 Languages | The Disney Company uses the SpotlLight® Loyalty engine for their various digital properties across the globe.

Cloud Service or On-Premises | Disney is an example of an "On-Premises" user while UK's Channel Five is a Cloud user. Both receive the same support and personalized attention from Intelligent Solutions team of 40+ technologists.

Comprehensive Fulfillment Services | For clients seeking fulfillment of physical goods, our global team of warehousing and logistics providers are available to automate the entire transaction anywhere on the Globe.

Learn more how you can benefit from Spika platform

Chief Loyalty Advisor . thomas bjorkland

For more than a dozen years, Finnish born Thomas and his brother Johan,  have designed, developed and managed one of the most advanced loyalty platforms on the planet. Built originally for Disney,  Thomas is the Director and General Manager for Spika, is responsible for developing loyalty management solutions that can be embedded in the digital customer life cycle and as a technology innovator, the Bjorkland brothers were ahead of their time when they created the most advanced Customer Relationship Management engine and marketing services used by many global brands today.

SPIKA operates as a Global Technical Agency which focuses on writing software solutions to create engagement, build relationships, enhance well-being and boost performance. Their philosophy is Engagement Through Technology and with deep experience with one of the most significant brands of the Disney organization, they bring to our clients a warm, refreshing and sound approach to customer loyalty experience design and management.

SPIKA creates highly personalized interactions between large and individuals, providing richer and more relevant user experiences that give retail brands stronger, longer and more profitable relationships with their customers.  They do this by first listening to and scoping the client’s requirements, and then building technical solutions that put the user at the centre, personalizing content, functionality and experience based upon a detailed understanding of preferences and behaviors.  Thomas and his team applies knowledge and technology in other sectors too, creating medical and educational training programs that factor thousands of variables across hundreds of users, saving lives and informing essential research.  

Spika works with some of the biggest names in retail and entertainment including Disney, Marvel, British Telecommunications, and Channel 5. 

Thomas is based in London, U.K. and the Director and General Manager with Spika

Thomas Bjorklund.png

Loyalty.Digital is a never ending continuum of digital experiences that enable customers to enjoy a lifelong relationship with a brand

Loyalty user's digital fingerprints reveal valuable insights to generate new revenue streams.

SPIKA’s approach to solving the challenges:

• Understanding the business, priorities and building a solution that scales

• Using our experience and know-how to create a robust platform capable of generating billions of unique PIN codes and handle millions of users

• Always applying a positive can-do approach to deliver and never be late even if timelines occasionally were ambitious

• Capitalizing on in-house skills and knowledge and now recognized as the tech expert go-to partner

• Planned and set up for 50 scheduled releases per year to enable rapid, continuous evolution

• Iterative and ongoing prioritization based on intelligence from real-time reporting and data capture

• SPIKA has created a highly successful proven loyalty platform that drives incremental sales, engagement, awareness and increased brand equity


What benefits it provided and the results:

• The platform provides the “glue” to enable and amplify the value of x-platform integration with different partners and other company initiatives

• High traffic, high volume site with millions of registered users and billions of unique codes generated, printed and packaged

• Global and fully internationalized platform, used in 11 countries

• Millions of active users with full e-wallet, bank account style transaction history

• Comprising built-in distribution & customer care applications

• Tailored and purposeful integration with numerous auxiliary systems for automation

• Learning from consumer activities and applying insight in real-time to optimize experience and relevance – driving engagement, insight, loyalty and ultimately incremental spend

The Magic behind the Magic of Disney

The Walt Disney Company, creator said it best...

"Whatever you do, do it well.  Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do"
- Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company is a massive global brand with ownership of some of the most respected logo's on the planet.  These include: The Disney Park Properties, MarvelPictures

As a brand, the Disney customer relationship team in Los Angeles recognized the importance of understanding their customers and became early adopters of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) more than a dozen years ago.

With little to no guest intelligence, Disney needed to figured out how to best sustain a meaningful relationship and create brand extension with additional products i.e. Movie DVD's and franchise products.  They introduced a loyalty relationship model long before it was fashionable.  Today they are the most recognized brand on the planet and continue to push the envelop with their new magic band feature. 

Fast forward to today and the well publicized Disney's Magic Band could not have been made possible without a technology platform capable of managing the volume of interactions, sources, deep data and intelligence gathering needed to make Disney CRM intelligence engine perform. 


 Learn more about the magic of Disney with Today
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