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Imperative # 8 - Automate To Innovate
What is Industrial .Digital?
This glyph designed by Matthew Butler represents the business world where everything is constantly spinning.  And, to maintain business "gravity",  you must automate to innovate... otherwise you'll fall off the grid.

Be it a new client/consumer or citizen, they are all seeking an experience across the entire spectrum of their daily life.  From personal, family and social mediums to business and employment interactions, every commercial, government or consumer focused organization is under pressure to evolve their world and be a digital by design organization where "everywhere” is the experience.

Today's organizations that wish to be tomorrow's leaders must become Industrial strength in their offerings and to harness the value of digital.  To accomplish those exponential goals,  changes are necessary for leadership to embrace the notion that their business will become an applications “as a service” innovator.

The paths to achieve this pivot require transformations, that are not incremental, but innovative in the outcome. New methods, skills, and tools will be needed to build externally-facing, Internet-connected application experiences that are radically different from those used to support internal business processes and efficiency. 


Delivering a continuously evolving user experience with speed and scale has little in common with managing business application upgrades once or twice a year.

Software that helps you to grow your business must now be designed, built, tested and operated with a primary and critical focus on the sales, marketing and customer service needs and the shared experiences your intended audiences seek.

Regardless of the market that an organization happens to serve, the new definition of applications means that the "service" is the business and the application is the platform for transacting.

In other words...

Organizations must become an As A Service business.   now.... That's really what Amazon is.

The new "As A Service"economy has arrived .

The founder of the Cloud Computing platform, Marc Benioff was with Oracle Corporation at a time when technology was on a collision course with innovation. He observed that the concept of the centralized mainframe computer and the advent of distributed client servers could be reinvented in the "cloud" as a means to solving the most fundamental problem facing businesses. Business needs software in order to survive, however it was always a never ending story and a complex thing to do because of the way hardware and software companies built, sold and supported their wares.

On the horizon was a new paradigm shift in thinking that software applications could be installed a virtual environment practically anywhere. At the same time, the software industry had been focused on business as usual designing the next big bang  "enterpise class"  ERP Enterprise Resource like  solutions to manage fundamentals of accounting, inventory controls, production and so on... That's was great for the CFO however it's not what drives business.  Business growth is about new customer acquisition and selling.  Problem was, sales had no really capable solution that could give the CXO a simple answer to the question. Is this deal going to close?

Marc recognized there was a gap and while he could have invented new software like then Seibel's Customer relationship application, Marc knew he could solve that problem by building a better sales "mousetrap".  But it didn't solve the bigger problem of making it actually work becuase it was complex and hard for sales people to enve think of opening the application.  His the next software in a virtual environment using the latest technologies and label it the "Cloud" because thats how IT architects diagrammed an IT network. 

The final component was to make it so that the business would never have to worry about the hardware and associated bits to make everything work together. In essence what Marc Benioff did was Industrialize software and the cherry on the top was his Ghostbuster icon statement "No Software" required. 

The As a Sevice Economy can be found in every corner of the planet.
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By combining minds, machines and doing something that matters, you will be an innovator in waiting. 
Automate to Innovate

Talk to any professional consultant and they will share with you their view of the business world where key fundamentals are essential to makes a business hum.

You need to align the core business vision across your organization and to have the ability to systematize it into a repeatable experience.

Sometimes referred to as the process. You need human beings to handle the various conversations, interactions and manual efforts to deliver that experience and lastly, you need technology as the enabler that increase the reliability, predictability and productivity. The challenge however, is if you are being working in the business managing these things, you have little time to work on the business.

The result is what we call the Squirrel cage effect. The faster you go, the harder it is to keep up and eventually you will jump off. Innovation is stalled and the business is placed at risk. Today, all of these are being blown up with the introduction of machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital technologies that not only codify but automate the entire experience with such accuracy that is transparent to the user. Bots are leading the way to replace human conversations and eventually these capabilities will start to apply "cognitive" thinking.

The advent of cognitive is now firmly in place with dozens of examples of its use in everyday environments.  And most when we realize its potential will say, its about time or why didnt I think of that. Now you can is about helping organization to automate so they can innovate.  Automation removes barriers to success and frees business to think beyond their four walls.  Innovation is the new tenet for tomorrow's success, and our job is to help you automate to innovate the business.


Most organizations have embraced the merits of agility of business execution and have migrated from traditional waterfall thinking to the new world of continuous delivery.  Continuous because the breadth and speed of change is never ending and in order to  be relevant to your audiences, you cannot stand still. 

The banking has already moved to teller less model where you snap a pic of your cheque and the application automatically deposits it into your account. BLINK!

Do you have any blink opportunities in your business? You probably have dozens yet you may be suffering from the infusion of quality and governance across your enterprise.  In order to automate, you must have a quality regime that is lean, purposed and digital.  In order to innovate, you need to wrap governance in to the fabric of the outcome for with out it, you place your business, service or application at risk of breached by competition who have just drop boxed a new alternative.

To get started on the path to innovation through automation, we have partnered with one of North America's leaders in the quality assurance and testing of business experience outcomes.  Their clients include Canadian retailers like Loblaws, Canadian Tire, BMW, Toyota and in the financial sector major player like Bank of America. 

Each of these and many others are on the quest to automate everything imaginable and in doing so, they will be on the forefront of innovation. 

To learn more about how to Automate to Innovate see this. 


Industrial .Digital Advisor Jerry Boyer

Jerry brings to the advisory team, an outstanding knowledge of technology, innovation and culture. His background as a global leader with GlaxoSmithKline for some 23 years can be found in every conversation you have with him.  A consummate professional, with a quiet demeanor, his outlier is reserved for his "onstage" presence as one of the Fab Four Beatles cover bands. When he's not on stage communicating to global audiences on the subject of Innovation, or onstage at one of his music gigs, you can follow Jerry's Facebook page as he shares snippets of his travels across the globe.

Along with his role as the CEO of One Million Acts of Innovation, a not for profit organization dedicated to innovation as an experience, Jerry is involved in a number of exciting projects with organizational culture transformation and helping Finland based, pave the way in North America, with their platform that is dedicated to delivering the future of transportation as a utility service in the sharing  economy.  Check you this press release on what's planned for Toronto.

We are privileged to provide our clients access to an "Industrial" strength resource that can easily navigate the C-Suite as a former CIO as well as the X-Suite of an early sate start-up helping managing directors industrialize their business.

Jerry Boyer, Former CIO GlaxoSmith Kline and today is the CEO of One Million Acts of Innovation

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Gartner Releases their Top Ten Predictions for 2018 and Beyond.
Gartner's Top Ten Predictions for 2018 and beyond
Some of the key take aways from Gartner's predictions are below:

Gartner, Inc. recently released their top predictions for 2018 and beyond. Gartner's predictions are important for those organizations who are forward focused about their business and recognize the importance of technology adoption as the conduit to being industrial strength in the digital world.

"Technology-based innovation is arriving faster than most organizations can keep up with. Before one innovation is implemented, two others arrive," said Daryl Plummer, vice president and Gartner Fellow, Distinguished. "

CIOs in end-user organizations will need to develop a pace that can be sustained no matter what the future holds.

Our predictions provide insight into that future, but enterprises will still be required to develop a discipline around how pace can be achieved. Those who seek value from technology-based options must move faster as their digital business efforts move into high gear. Speed of change will require variability of skills and capabilities to address rising challenges."

To learn more about these predictions, visit where you can download their free research.

Gartner Predictions.png
  • By 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual- and voice-search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30 percent.
  • By 2020, five of the top seven digital giants will willfully "self-disrupt" to create their next leadership opportunity.
  • By the end of 2020, the banking industry will derive $1 billion in business value from the use of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. 
  • By 2020, AI-driven creation of "counterfeit reality," or fake content, will outpace AI's abilityto detect it, fomenting digital distrust.
  • By 2021, more than 50 percent of enterprises will be spending more per annum on bots and chatbot creations than traditional mobile app developments.
  • By 2020, IoT technology will be in 95 percent of electronics for new product designs.

Industrial. digital | MINDS.MACHINES. MATTER.

In our latest INSIGHT SERIES publication, we share examples of how to automate in order to innovate your business.  We include best practices, case studies and proven approaches that you can use immediately to industrialize your business in order to achieve exponential growth.

Our latest issue includes these subjects:

  • Learn how to apply Gartner's Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users in 2018 and Beyond
  • Learn why industrial strength QUALITY needs to be foundation of every business service (application) and why you must include quality design, automation and governance architecture as part of your lifecycle development.
  • Find out about new innovations that you may already be using but are not aware of behind the scene is our innovations.
  • Learn why the platforms of the future from Hitachi, Ericsson, Siemens, GE, Adobe and others are examples of thinking.
  • Learn how to develop a "PACE" mentality for achieving technology innovation. PURPOSE. AUTOMATION. CLOUD. EXPERIENCE. lays the foundation for reinventing your business processes, culture (people) and technology that works. TODAY. is the eighth imperative you need to acheive exponential growth and future business certainty.
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