Privacy Statement & Policy: is continuously protecting and maintaining your information in a completely secure and confidential manner.

Information We Collect:

Information we acquire, is wholly dependent on the programs and services our clients request. While sometimes, information that is collected is from anonymous sources, we strive to collect information from our clients directly using accepted surveys, cookies and actual visitor interactions on our websites.

As it pertains to our newsletter and all email interactions, we require the following acceptance procedures for every email address we obtain regardless of source. We will always ask permission from our clients and inform our clients how we intend to use the personal information first.

CASL Canada Anti-Spam Legislation Compliance

We are committed to reducing the harmful effects of spam and related threats to electronic commerce and support Government legislation focused on a safer and more secure online marketplace.

Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL) helps protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.

To ensure and any related properties comply with this legislation, we use a double-opt-in policy where by any visitor to our website who seeks to provide their email and contact information is asked to confirm their acceptance to “opt-in” to our digital services that may include but not limited to; downloading of information, whitepapers, infographics, slides and images from our website properties. This may include emailing of information, announcements or promotions we offer from time to time. As well, those parties that wish to obtain our newsletter services and blogging announcements are require to formally acknowledge and opt-in using our proprietary service


Cookies are small text files sent by websites to users’ browsers for the purpose of automatic authentication, session tracking and storing of specific information regarding users.
There are essentially three types of cookies used on this website:

  • Technical cookies
  • Required for navigation within the site and to use some of its functions (e.g. timing the display of certain pages in so-called “pop-up” mode etc.).
  • Statistical cookies (Google Analytics / HubSpot Analytics) 
  • Supplied and managed by owners e.g. Google to provide a statistical analysis of access to the website. The information is solely collected anonymously and in aggregate form and no personal user data is retained. You can decide not to use Google Analytics cookies by following the instructions at the following link: 
  • Profiling cookies  
  • Supplied and managed by third parties to generate specific personalized messages based on browsing habits and the interests of individual users. These cookies do not, however, use sensitive user data. This Website currently uses Google and HubSpot cookies. For more information, including information to opt out from the cookie, please click the following links:

Cookie opt-out

Cookie functions can be disabled via the appropriate page made available by the EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) or by checking the "Privacy" settings of your Internet Browser.

Please note that disabling cookies may impair the correct functioning of the certain website sections.

Our privacy platform

To ensure our properties comply with any and all anti-spam legislation in Canada or otherwise, we require all parities to formally acknowledge and accept our policy and use of their email address or any other contact information.  The ConsendCloud service registers the email name and associated credentials in a proprietary secure services and retains the required compliance data as required by law.

Double Opt-in Service 

Our proprietary Double Opt-in service makes it easy for visitors to elect to opt-in to our services via the web. The service requires the user to acknowledge and accept our policies, where by a confirming email is sent to the contact address provided.  The recipient must confirm their acceptance  

Use of Your Information:

We use your information to understand and meet your needs and requirements, and deliver the programs for which you have asked. We do not collect information about visitors to our website, unless specifically authorized to do so.

Access and Sharing of Your Information:

At, we often have occasion to work and collaborate with our partners, locally and internationally. In these cases, we may need to share our client’s information with these firms, Information provided however, will be restricted to what is required to perform their job and fulfill our client’s needs. In so doing, information will only be provided with our client’s consent unless we are required to share information by law, to protect the interests of or in the course of public duty.

Protection of Information:

We protect your information from unauthorized access with all safeguards and security measures. Such security measures will include secure “firewalls”. Information will be kept for as long as required or for as long as required by law. After that, all information is destroyed or erased.

Access and Change of Client’s Information:

You may have access to your information that we retain. We strive to keep all the information up to date and accurate, but please inform us if changes or updates are required. Information may be removed at any time, at our client’s request.

eMail Communication:

We save any and all eMail communications if we need to communicate with clients. We absolutely will not sell, distribute or share eMail addresses to any third parties no matter what the purpose or intent. Please do not provide us with personal or confidential information by eMail. Only use the secure forms supplied on this website

Changes to this Privacy Statement:

This statement and policy may be amended periodically. If we make any significant changes in the way we use our client’s information, we will notify clients by posting a prominent announcement on the website and confirm those changes via email.

Contacting us regarding our Privacy Policy

At anytime, if you have any questions or seek more details regarding our Privacy Policies, you may contact our Chief Privacy Office at is a registered Ontario, Canada business operating multiple brands that include:,,,,, and