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Imperative # 3 - Cognitive is Creative Marketing
What is DataDriven .Digital?

Creative marketing and lots of quality content is no longer enough - You need to be Cognitive 

Today's organizations are facing unprecedented disruption 

From ever-increasing demands for new digitally real time services to having the exact insight and knowledge of your audience, their buying habits, who they rely on for choices and trust the most.

Business leaders are being bombarded by threats popping up from unforeseen competition everyday. Its no longer possible to rely on a "business as usual" mindset.

We live in the  "Disruption as Usual" economy.

Tomorrow's leaders needs to know now, otherwise... they are just guessing and placing their business and careers at risk.  

You need to be Cognitive, not just Creative

Today's organizations need to be Direct. Digital and Data Driven.

You can thank Moore's law, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff's "no-software" cloud model and IBM Watson's Jeopardy moment when a computer got smart enough to think on its own.  These factors are contributing to the new world order for tomorrow's CXO executives who know how to orchestrate success with greater certainty.  Its about being Direct, Digital and Data Driven 

Direct - Marketers can now establish authentic and authoritative relationships with their target audiences.  Buyers are being more responsive and increasing their trust with a brand with that brand understands them. Completely.

Digital - Being digital enables business to lower the cost of everything, while raising the value of the experience.  Digital is the enabler to achieve exponential growth for the first time,   

DataDriven -  According to studies by IBM, 80% of available data still lies buried. Meanwhile, organizations are making business outcome decisions relying on the 20% of structured data. 

Its Time you get Cognitive not Creative.

Get ready to exploit cognitive capabilities now

Our research reveals that cognitive solutions are already helping organizations across industries realize tremendous value.  IBM's “Your cognitive future” reports, is the latest in a new series of industry-specific reports based on research conducted in early 2015.

This study was informed by a survey of executives from around the world. (For more information on our research, see the “Study approach and methodology” section at the end of the report.)

In this report, IBM examines current and future applications across various business mission areas and provide recommendations for those seeking a cognitive journey.

At, we also offer insights from CXO leaders who understand how cognitive capabilities can help push the boundaries of innovation and transformation for their organizations.  These leaders recognize the mandate to transform their business is now, or face the inevitable consequences of be uber'd or amazon'd out of business

What is big data mean for your business?

As IBM states...Big Data is being generated at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. Much of this data is coming to us in an unstructured form, making it difficult to put into structured tables with rows and columns. To extract insights from this complex data, Big Data projects often rely on cutting edge analytic s involving data science and machine learning. Computers running sophisticated algorithms can help enhance the veracity of information by sifting through the noise created by Big Data's massive volume, variety, and velocity.

 Do you realize that you're missing 


of the information in each marketing decision?


Being creative is no longer enough

Forrester's Global State of Strategic Planning identified that 73% of firms aspire to be Data Driven but only 29% are actually good at turning data into action.

What is cognitive computing?

Cognitive computing is a new computation paradigm.

Different types of cognitive computing solutions offer various capabilities, including…

  • Learning and building knowledge from various structured and unstructured sources of information
  • Understanding natural language and interacting more naturally with humans
  • Capturing the expertise of top performers and accelerating the development of expertise in others
  • Enhancing the cognitive processes of professionals to help improve decision-making
  • Elevating the quality and consistency of decision- making across an organization.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) changed its name to the Data and Marketing Association in response to the changing dynamics of the new world ofdigitally based marketing.

Data and personalized engagements are the new norm in the Cognitive of Buyer engagement.  CMO leaders need to innovate and deliver personalized customer/ buyer experiences to confidently drive results.

New technology advancements coupled with the introduction of the role of the Chief Data Officer  in cognitive computing are addressing the missing link that has held back real progress and advancement in customer engagement.  

Until now. 


Lead Advisor - Mark Coleman, IBM Watson
  • Using the fly wheel to achieve exponential growth
  • CB Insights is the most trusted source of Private Company Data and currently #560 on the Inc. 5000.  
  • You should check out CB INSIGHTS to see first hand how cognitive computing is being applied.  Their mission, is to be the market leader in helping companies find investments using a proprietary engine that employs both human and cognitive data to help their customers intuitive user interface, analytic s capabilities and detailed investment information is a very powerful tool for research.
  • They answer the fundamental investor questions like
  • Which disruptive companies should we worry about?
  • Which emerging trends could kill us?
  • What new markets should we enter?
  • What is our competitor's strategy?
  • Who should we acquire?
  • Who should we invest in?
  • Who is our next customer?
  • Who are the S&P 500 of tomorrow
Mark Coleman is responsible for leading IBM Watson's Customer Engagement 
Mark Coleman.png

Data comes in all shapes and sizes allowing marketing to truely drill down into finding those specific target audiences & target buyers with very specific & onging offers or CTA's.  - The Eisen Group
Direct Digital Data Driven

McKinsey Global Institute has estimated there will be a shortfall of 140,000 to 190,000 data scientists by 2018, as well as a greater shortage of managers with the analytical skills needed in a big data world. team of PhD data scientists are available to solve this problem. 

  • Direct -  Accessing new sources of unstructured data and and being able to combine them with the available structured data allows marketers to have direct conversations with buyers and enables them to speakin the language of their buyer. 
  • Digital - Being digital is about establishing actionable predictive strategies,road maps helps buyers navigate their thinking and helps them to cross the chasm of trust sooner.
  • DataDriven - Being DataDriven will allow you to see more clearly high watermark customer/prospects that have the highest propensity to act versus those that are not consider ready or will be interested in engaging

H&R Block is a well know brand who serve the average tax payer in North America.  Their business was becoming strained by new start-up offer online software driven alternative "Turbo"  results.  

This was cause for concern to President and CEO Bill Cobb who quickly recognized that his annual "pop-up" Tax completion store front business was at great risk.  

Realizing the future of business in the Age of Buyer is all about being cognitive with your audiences, H&R Block jumped into the pool with IBM Watson and the results have been astounding.satisfaction.

Learn more

Are You ready to get Cognitive?  

Answer these questions and find out if you are ready to move from creative to cognitive

What opportunities exist to create more engaging and personalized experiences for your audiences and expand to include a  wider  ecosystem?

  • What data from internal sources aren’t you leveraging that, if converted to knowledge, could allow you to meet key objectives and business requirements?
  • What is the cost to your organization and the wider ecosystem associated with making non-evidence-based decisions, or not having the full array of possible options to consider when actions are being taken?
  • What benefits could you gain in being able to detect hidden patterns locked away in your data?
  • How would this accelerate business and market research, customer services and the like?
  • What is your organizational expertise skill gap in cognitive computing?
  • What might change if you could equip every employee to be as effective as the leading expert in that position or field?

To help you answer these questions, contact us to learn more about how to engineer exponential growth using Exbound's datadriven services.


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