The Chief Sales Officer |

CMO – Complete Managed Organized

The Chief Marketing Officer has the greatest challenge of all C suite because they continually seek funds often without the ability to demonstrate ROI. Depending on the capacity, the capabilities and creative intellect of their team, they are always operating in a vacuum that is a 16 weeks cycle, or three months to a year out.

The new broadcast station today is the Internet and the channel of choice is Google.  Fortunately,  this channel operates in real time, can demonstate eyeballs and has the proof to determine revenue performance investments...  however..  at what price and what method?  SEO, PPC? Adwords?  Banners?  Each provide their value akin to ear lugs or baseborder ads in traditional newpaper ads..

The CMO needs to have access to this information so the well never runs dry. RevenuePerform can help CMO's better manage their investments, automate the process and create better collaboration and real time status dashboards regardless of where resources reside... be it on staff, contract supplier, time of day, currency or country.