IphoneThe world has a dent in it thanks to the late Steve Jobs

Steve, was successful in applying each of the eight Inspirations in order to achieve a remarkable outcome for his life's legacy.  His inspiration will remain with all of us who were fortunate to enjoy some of his great vision.

So what is your dent to be?  What is your purpose and how will YOU be remembered?  What is your company's purpose and what "dent"  does your organization serve for mankind, today's buyers and your future customer advocates? 

If you have not read the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, add it to your reading list.  You may be surprised or have already been made aware of the personality traits of Mr Jobs and his tenacity for perfection, purpose and a lack of being polite.  His singular vision was embedded in his DNA and that DNA is what made Apple the company it is today.

But does the future hold for Apple?  Can a company led by one individual's attitude, singular obsession and intuition?  If the apple does fall far from the tree,  Apple will be successful at sustaining it ability to continously "put a dent in the world". Can the same be said for your organization?  Are your apples  sychronized to the common vision and it that being portrayed, communicated and embraced by your audiences? 

It ultimately comes down to your purpose and why... take some time to watch this wonderful D10 video where two brilliant friends and business associates provide their observations and experiences when dealing with Steve.

We pose the question.  Is it the design? Is it the software? Is it the person?  Is it the why?