The Icarus DeceptionThought leader and author Seth Godin's most recent book is titled The Inacrus Deception, and talk about deception.  The title itself is deceiving.  Seth, takes us on a journey of self discovery and gives us all permission to rethink the goal, the vision, the purpose and the point.  He explains to us that we have all been victims of society, business and what we have been told to do and think. 

As you read the book, it may reveal you inner most feeling about yourself and your appetite or lack of appetite to take a risk and be artful about your purpose.  Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk?  The Great Eight Inspirations we have identified are all members of the Incarus world.  Each of them bucked the trend and challenged the thinking.  They made their purpose an ART.. not a science.

At RevenuePerform, we respect clients who are ARTIST's first and scientists second.  We applaud their risk taking behaviours and welcome the opportunity to assist them in their next journey. A journey with a purpose that just might be exactly what your buyers are looking for. You may have be attempted to stay the course,  follow the next shiny apple or believe not in yourself, but in someone else who claims to be motivated by the opportunity to work with you and your team.

We frankly don't think that is very much fun or accomplishes anything.. because the world is tired of me too content, or the lack of being real and authentic.  At RevenuePerform, our ART is to be your ART and as artists who know what it takes to bend the noise, we can help you to beeter communicate to your prospective buyers in a manner that they will embrace, engage and evangelise.

Here is a wonderful interview with Seth who talks about "Art".