Free Marketing Assessment
You've built a great website,  doing some blogging, loaded up some nice white papers, hired an SEO shop to work their magic and now you are waiting for the phone to ring.

Is your phone ringing? Are you getting new leads everyday from genuine prospects seeking to buy or are the phone calls from someone trying to sell you something?

Todays buyers are no longer interested in calling you unless they are ready to buy. When they do, they will undoubtingly have been to your website.  They will have researched the Internet. They will have particiapted in LinkedIn forums, reached out to their community of friends and peers, all before they even consider you. So when they are ready to contact you, how will they know about you, your brand, what you stand for, and why they should buy from you?

RevenuePerform provides Free Marketing Assessment to determine your relevancy to today's buyers

Before we engage in any customer project, we conduct a marketing assessment before we will even contact you.  That very assessment has been used on more than 1 million websites across the globe by big corporations, start up's and everything inbetween. That report has some nuggets of gold that will advance your business.

What will a Free Marketing Assessment tell me? 

It will tell you alot. It will provide you with a scorecard of how your business looks on the Internet. It will tell you how you rank with Search engines, if your SEO is working or not, and most of all, give you a qualified snapshot of the goal you need to reach to increase revenue performance.  And, it doesn't cost you a penny.   If you are seriously interested in improving your sales and marketing,  it will cost you a cup of coffee.  We love coffee and work better on coffee.

So for the cost of a cup of coffee what marketing recommendations will I get?

Enough recommendations that will make your head spin. 

But I only want the free marketing assessment and not a sales pitch.

No problem, we'll point you in the direction and you can do the assessment on your own, and if after you review the report, you think you have the chops to do it all on your own, we will hire you!  If you think you coud use some help, invite us in and have the coffee ready. No sales pitch.. well maybe. We will ask you smart questions that will reveal the hidden value of going digital and we will share with you some human reasons why our people are the best choice for you.

But I already have a marketing person. How is that working out for you? 

There are so many choices of consultants, advisors, family members and agencies, all claiming to know everything about marketing, sales and the Internet. Remember the business phrase,  I can provide you with price, quality or service.  Pick any two.  With RevenuePerform, we provide all three, lowest TCO, high quality results and impeccable service. 

So what make RevenuePerform different?

Well that is hard to give a meaningful answer on this landing page.  And we wouldn't be doing justice to you.  We'd be wasting your time. You just have to take a chance and invite us for that conversation. 

Ready?  Contact us for your free assessment today.  You will be surprised at how detailed our professional reports are and what you will learn about your website and current marketing presence that you may not be aware of.  Ready? We are.