Digital Strategy is The Future of Business

Where should you focus your sales and marketing investments?

Gartner 2013Gartner 2013 Report on Digital Marketing Spend, identified that digital marketers are spending an average of 10.4% of revenue on marketing, a growth of 6% in budget in 2013.  Why is this happening?  Because Digital Strategy is now a core ingredient in a customer company and in the Age of The Buyer, sellers must establish a digital sales and marketing approach in order to attract, retain and convert buyers.

According to Gartner, today's organizations are seeing the benefits of outsourcing key investments to a digitial strategy agency  focused on the creation and management of;

Compelling Customer Experiences

Social + Mobile Marketing as an Art

Content Creation and Managment that is meaningful

Mobile Marketing that communicates in the language of your buyers

If you had the funds to invest in . marketing . automation . SEO . website . campaigns . e-training . new staff . sales enablement . playbooks. promotions . incentives . CRM . content development . retreats . launches . seminars .
Where should you be investing in Sales + Marketing?

Sloan Reviews The Digital Capabilities Your Organization Needs

Mit Sloan ManagementIn a recent Sloan Review article, MIT's Center for Digital Business and Cap Gemini interviewed executives at 50 large organizations. Four capabilities were identified as key to business becoming a digital business and the need for transformation.
They are;
1 - A unified digital platform that integrates data and processes.
2 - Revamp of the solution delivery
3 - Dedicated Analytics
4 - Alignment of IT and the Business Units.

How does Marketing and Sales benefit from becoming a Digital Strategy Company ? It all starts with Information Technology (IT) as the foundation to sales and marketing performance.

DIY or Outsource to an Agency?

The Digital tsunami is about to unfold in your own backyard. Your competition is already tweeting, building relationships with unknown buyers who are coming to their website in search of answers to their most pressing issues.  Do you hve the skills, resources and plan to execute on a digital marketing approach?  Do you know what should be the first, second and third steps?  How long should it take before I see progress or a return on my investments?  Should I hire a dedicated marketing person or outsource this to an agency?

ONce you have made the decision that you cannot be left behind, the next question is where do you start?  The below infographic is a guide to digital marketing and while not necessary the answer to everything that needs to happen,  it will prepare you for identifying some of the important elements for starting a digital straegy for your business.

And if you have more questions, please give a call,  416-220-8811.  We will share our insights, approach and offer suggestions on how you can become s digital company in The Age of the Buyer.

Noob Guide to Marketing Infographic

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