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New ImageSales and marketing teams are in a constant tug of war when it comes to demand generation. Marketing generates a large number of what they considered are bonifide ‘leads’ only to hand them over to sales who discard them or fail to convert them into customers. They end up missing revenue expectations and fill a bag of excuses as to why they have been unable to achieve their expected quota. Why? Marketing-qualified leads were sent to sales too early in the sales cycle and not properly made ‘sales-qready’. Sales on the other hand, continued to use the instruction from their seasoned sales manager who coached them on dialing for dollars and "always be closing" skills.  Wrong. This not longer works in the Age of the Buyer.

Demand generation has radically changed because Buyers have grown tired of poorly executed sales and marketing schemes that are just that.  Campaigns lack buyer relevance and focus on the "me"  aspect of the organization and not the buyer.  The result, high website abandonment, phone call hang-ups and lost opportunities to close business. 

RevenuePerform [RPM] has developed a platform to help organizations solves these issues.  RPM will generate more significant visitor traffic to your website, establish metrics and testing mechanisms that produce prequalified buyer engagement, and ultimately higher conversion to sales resulting in improved revenue performance to the organization. 

#1 Buyer Persona's (Profiles)

List Acqusition and database segmenting

List management and Maintenance