DelightIt is one thing to have a great product or service.  It's another to know how to best communicate that value to your visitors online, at your location or in person.  It requires you to constantly provide buyers a continuous quality experience that resonates at each step of their journey. Excitement fades quickly at the first signs that the experience is less that what they expect it to be before, during or after the sale has been made. 

Inbound marketing is all about providing remarkable content to uour users, whether they be first ime visitors, ongoing qualified leads, or existing customers. In fact, just because someone has already paid their invoice doesn’t mean you can forget about them. Inbound marketers must continue to engage with, delight, and (hopefully) upsell their current customer base so they become happy evangelists of the companies and products they love. 

Some of the elements you should consider to delight customers include:

Smart Calls-to-Action - These present different users with offers that change based on that buyer's persona and lifecycle stage.

Social Media - Using various social platforms gives you the opportunity to provide real-time customer service.

Email and Marketing Automation - Providing your existing customers with remarkable content can help them achieve their own goals, as well as introduce new products and features that might be of interest to them.  This is how lifelong relationships are sustained.

Loyalty Programs and Continuum Campaigns - To maintain and retain customers requires constant tweaking of offers, interactions and new reasons for them to believe.  This can be accomplished via email exchanges, direct to home mail promotions,  text/sms mobile messaging and coupon/offers tied to a loyalty platform that tracks interactions and transactions.   

This is where you can delight Customers who will be your Evangelists.

Source: via Acquire Digital on Pinterest