Delivery Teams of Digital Experts

Contributing to the RevenuePerform deliver teams function as subject matter experts to our clients.  These partners bring sustained credentials in their field of expertise and deep extended team such that we can execute on our promise of customer service excellence. 

Brand Strategists

New ImageOur Digital Brand Strategy experts have conducted brand, identity and strategy interventions to hundred's of clients both locally and across the globe.  Our domain of expertise lies in knowing exactly how to extract the DNA of an organization's core competencies, unique and compelling market advantage and most importantly, how to best position your company in the eyes of today's buyers.

Content Creation Factory

Content Creation FactoryContent can be a daunting task to not only start with, but to sustain in such a manner that your content is always fresh, compelling and relevant to today's buyers.  To accomplish that task requires the use of mutliple mediums, channels and messages based on the persona's of your target buyers.  To deliver professional grade and cost competitve content takes skill, knowledge and a factory. Check out our content only services at our 

For half the cost of a full time resource, we will bring you a village of resources to generate a corporate video, Q+A Snapshot video's,  Product and Service White papers and an Infographic that glues it all together. 

Our is staffed with 40+ resources that include video producers, bloggers, copy writers and technical writers, graphic artists, and digital domain technology designers, 3D and even augmented reality.

Marketing Automation Application Providers

Marketing Automation Application ProvidersThere are more than 100+ marketing automation vendors, many of these are major players being gobbled up or acquiring software tools that complement their marketing and sales technology suites. 

These include; HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Sitecore, Infusionsoft, Act-On, SalesEngine and many others,  each who have their own sweetspot of value to our clients.  

Why is it be importance to deal with a digital strategy agency that understands marketing automation?  Because we know what works, what takes forever to get meaningful results and what software tools would be just plain wrong for your business.

RevenuePerform are experts in the Software applications development who were involved in the origins of the Internet, Linux and Y2K.  Members of RevenuePerform either worked for start up software firms and helped turn them into multi-million dollar businesses.

SalesForce Integration Services

SalesForce Integration ServicesCustomer Relationship Management software is supposed to be the answer to sales performance.  It was marketed as the solution to solve your customer relationship management needs from the start of a new contact in your database, to the management of sales playbooks and as a customer relevant contact database that could be finely tuned to provide competitve advantage and unique knowledge about your contacts social habits, business philosophy and personality.

Ramping up a CRM tool is the easy part. Getting it to deliver value, sales productivity and most of all, dash board reports to the CEO is a little harder.  That takes an accomplished team of integrators and application developers. Our Salesforce CRM team is platinumpartner of

Mobile application developers

Mobile application developersMobile is now. It the essence of everything about your business and to provide the optimal mobile user experience requires delivery of your services in less than 2 seconds.  If not,  you are toast, and your prospective buyer has gone to your competition... and most of all, you will never know you lost that potential customer.  We can mitigate that risk with highly effective, cost competitive, responsive and reliable delivery of web and mobile application services. 

Our web development teams have built 100's of websites, and using a range of CMS (Content Management Systems), some of which are capable of managing global web + marketing assets that can be personalized for your remote channels.  Have you every thought about creating your own branded search engine?  Talk to us. We know what it takes to be mobile.

Our teams of skilled, engineering grade IT developers resources are deep. Our Quality Assurance and multi-platform testing bench is one of the most sought after in Canada. And without telling too much, if we are good enough for the mobile device manufacturers and wireless carriers...  we can bring to you qualified expertise in the latest in gaming, gesture based and interactive mobile needs. 

Website Optimization | Design | Deploy | Deliver

Website Optimization | Design | Deploy | DeliverThe team is comprised of professional grade smart people...web designers, developers, graphic artists, coders, quality assurance and testers that have worked on a broad range of websites that include global not-for-profits like based in California, USA. Major Consumer Brands that include Canadian based, and one of North America's foremost medical professionals, located in Washington, DC. 

If you are a B2B business, we developed a complete branding, site and marketing assets for a Silicon Valley eLearning provider Their clients include major brands like Juniper Networks such that the site had to appeal to a B2B executive level audience. 

This is a small sampling of a very broad portfolio.  If you visit these sites, notice how each is completely different, and was developed by a carefully selected experts.  We do not do cut and paste rinse and repeat web development.  RevenuePerform identifies the exact team necessary to meet the clients need for the right user experience, interactive and commerce needs... but most of all, brand websites that will resonate with the target buyers persona's. 

The site you are visiting today was designed to be informational, to function as a living blog and be simple to update. We didn't want to be flashy, attempt to look cool or be too conservative.  The most important part. Achieve our goal providing genuine content of importance for customer focused companies.