A complete service

Revenue Performance Institute | 4 Labs to serve our clients

The RevenuePerformance.Institute conducts research and provision of digitally based solutions that span both technology and creative capabilities. Our International Labs in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Ukraine each contribute exclusive expertise in all things digital to generate the ultimate Buyer Experience Management. We research the entire buyers journey and identify the trust points* along their experience path from exposure to engagement to enablement to empowerment to evangelism.

Google describes the Buyer's Journey as
Zero Moments of Truth.


Our global labs provide companies with branding and identity refresh, digital marketing and communications production, tactical sales business development and conversion and enduring loyality and sustainment services. Our user experience design, creative and technical expertise is anchored by a rich portfolio of talent in support of our clients needs for strategy.innovation and execution of the entire buyer lifecycle.  Our labs cover the entire experience we've coined iSMACK;  


Interactive + User Experience Management
Search + Social Execution
Mobile Application Development and Testing
Data Analytics + Intelligence Mining
Cloud Technologies Enablement
Knowledge Talent Sourcing

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy Agency.com |Digitization Sales Marketing Lab

Today's (MarComm) Marketing Communications crosses the boundaries of advertising and interactive agency services.  We develop strategic communications plans that combine print, Internet, and digital.  Our capabilities include public relations, Web PR, event production, Social monitoring and one (1:1) cast execution, promotional campaigns, executive communications and interactive experience design. 

We focus on communicating the exact message, using the optimal channels, segmenting audiences into appropriate personalized streams. These include social media marketing focused on blogging creation and delivery services, i.e. Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

Content Creation Factory.com |Buyer Focused Content Lab

Our Content Creation Factory starts with a Content Portfolio Assessment (CPA) to identify current assets and determine the optimal strategy necessary for our clients’ mandate.  The CPA is tied directly to your Brand Strategy and Identity to ensure that all content assets are syncronized to the entire brand experience.

The ‘Factory’ is a large capacity in-house facility staffed with 40+ resources. This full service is capable of green screen video production, digital and 3D graphics and design execution, content copy writing, technical research and writing that is all project managed as an integrated programmatic service. 

Intelligent Digital Solutions | Customer Experience Lab

In the past, organizations relied almost exclusively on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and traditional sales processes to manage customer relationships. Today, this has been augmented with Marketing Automation (MA) software platforms that improve the density of buyer atttraction with the use of better search exposure, social engagement, content nurturance and conversion buying cycles. Now approaching is future proofing of your audience relationships with the introduction of loyalty automation (LA) platforms that generate high watermark customer engagement, stronger interation, and an improved understanding of your buyers' behaviours, interests and their propensity to purchase. This generates quality insight data gleaned from digital interactions and customers experiences.

To deliver the ultimate customer experience requires the integration, alignment and management of all three CRM, MA and LA platforms.  RevenuePerform experienced experts support the entire sales and marketing technology stack.  Technologies expertise includes integration of database + eMail management, Client Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation, and Sales Proposal Management, eLearning and mLearning, Sales Performance and Forecasting Dashboards, intranet, Partner and Customer facing Portals.

The new partnership with Spika.com, adds a team of 40 software developers focused on the creation of intelligent digital solutions that complete our portfolio.  We provide high yield consulting, integration services and outsourcing resources on demand.  Our systems may include designing a customized architecture or interactive mobile application; integrating it with new or existing components and optimizing its secure use in a communications infrastructure. These disciplines are quality assured and testing in our Toronto factory of 100+  certified testers in interactive, mobile and automation.