Purchase Experience Management | Moments of Trust

ImageA Buyer's journey may begin well in advance of them knowing you exist, what your brand stands for and what positive impact you will provide to them.  And, along the path, a buyer will conduct their own due diligence on you, your brand, your customers and your relationship with them and even your  stakeholders.  And then the magical moment will come when they cross the chasm of fear, doubt and possible risk to make a considered purchase. 

A considered purchase, may occur the moment they land on your home page, enter your business premises or while thinking in their own world and not thinking about you.  At that moment, all of the stars will line up in their mind and the choice will be predicated on a number of trust points that you may or not have earned over time.  The decision can be in a trusting click or abandonment.

Ever recall making an in store purchase while standing line at the cash?  Why does that happen?  It happens because a series of events occurred over a period of time that led to the decision at that moment.  Those events happen as a result of numerous influences that have accumulated over time.  It could have been an advertisement on TV, a Billboard Advertisement you ignored dozens of times at that stop sign near where you work or the email you clicked "delete". 

Consumer Purchasing  If your product or service brand is as good as you say it is, and it has proven value in terms of price, quality and convenience, then you could have a buyer who will make a fast purchase... provided your product is relevant and has been exposed to your buyer in some form.  Or maybe not. You may think you have a qualified buyer.. but your buyer has not crossed the chasm of trust.

What about Commerical Buyers?  In the B2B world, large organizations have a "purchasing department" who's mandate is to drive down their costs... regardless.  They have no relationship to you nor do they choose to.  They are obligated and incented to demonstrate "their" value by negotiation. 

How will YOU help them cross the chasm and act?