Moments of Trust | anticipate and resonate

ZmotGoogle makes the statement that during a buyer's journey, buyers are exposed to multiple moments of truth. While these interactions are sometimes casual and anonymous in their nature, in the Age of the Buyer, they must be relevant to buyers' perceptions, interests and dialogues.  How can this be achieved?  

Moments of trust go beyond truth.  They are genuine. They are purposed and they are aligned to the buyer's criteria for consideration and selection. Each moment of truth can be consider a check box in the eyes of the buyer as each trust affirms the buyers belief that the product or services being considered can in fact be trusted.

What must a seller do to generate moments of trust?  They must listen, anticipate and resonate at each interaction.

Below is a slideshare from Mckinsey who shares their observations of the value that "Trust" contributes to a brand overall reputation both internally and externally.  

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Strategic reputation management in a digital world from McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum