The below platform is the framework methodology used by to help organizations maximize the revenue performance for their business.  In each swim lane, success can only result by employing an integrated approach to achieve best in class outcomes and business performance success. 

To achieve predictive "SUCCESS" requires an integrated, iterative and communicated stream of activites;

ImageIf any of the streams of activities are short circuited or not thoroughly communicated, the potential outcomes will result in ...Inconsistency, Slow change, Low performance, False starts or limiting success.

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| Leadership & Vision

ExecutiveA 10,000 foot view or a swim with the sharks? } Every business or program starts with a vision, usually in response to an argument, belief in a dream or an imposed mandate. 

Whichever the path started, over time the spirit and intent changes and along with it brings new challenges and requirements to get back on track or re-ignite the vision.  To achieve success takes leadership, setting the appropriate expectations and incenting all the stakeholders so the "vision" can be realized in a timely manner.  It requires both a 10,000 foot view to see the big picture as well as swimming with the sharks to appreciate the realities that face the stakeholders involved. 

Where is your vision today?  What's changed? And if you could give yourself "permission" to change, what would you do differently and why?  What does your vision hold in the future? 

 "Without a shared vision, harnessed in leadership, results won't be as expected."  

+ Resources

OperationsA broken three legged stool is what?  } You often hear, the common statement...  "it's all about people, process and technology"  All three are required to achieve success! 

What happens if one of the legs of the stool is loose or broken?  What if you've not made the appropriate investments in resources or made the wrong assumptions?...  Do you have the funds for sustainment?  Like advertising, the cost of stopping is the loss of all previous investments made up to that point.  Without the exacting resources, the anticipated vision will only present marginal change. 

Are the best "systems" being employed?  Are they aligned to the policies or mandate?  Are procedures being optimized to maximize productivity or program benefits? 

"Resources... they are the utilities that determine the speed of change."

+ People

Human ResourcesSelect, nurture and enable... trust } People...   are the essence of business success.  They are the spirit and custodians of the company culture and business outcomes. 

They are the energy that meets adversity head on and they are the inertia that drives the pursuit regardless.  They are...   people... people who possess personality traits and behaviours that are organic to their DNA. How do you know if you have a team player? A true leader? Some you can coach? How do you make the right choice of potential candidates for hire or a project, which one's do you choose?  Can a resume or brief interview guarantee the expectations of both parties three months down the road?  What impact could the wrong choice have on your investment?  What if, you could hire with precision, retain the best and maximize performance?  

Making the right hiring choices, developing them to their strengths, acknowledging and managing their weaknesses enables people to perform with clarity for you and for themselves. 

"Marginal skills may result in a vision not realized and lower than expected

Can you afford that?

+ Process

FinanceIt's all about RISK!  -  Are you ready? } To mitigate risk, maximize performance and obtain optimal outcomes, every organization needs to have the right processes in place to mitigate potential risk of failure or stalled outcomes. 

Is there the appropriate governance to guide the process to a predictive outcome?  Has a  "Project Pre-check" been conducted with all stakeholders?   Is everyone on board? Any Program or Project implementation requires governance, risk and compliance to achieve success.

 "Otherwise... the result could be false starts or protracted outcomes."

+ Communication

MarketingWhatever happened to two chairs facing each other? } Awe the absolute of technology... texting, emailing, twittering, conversations?  communicating?  

How do you motivate people by a screen interaction?  How do you ensure they are aligned to the cause? How do you know what they are really feeling if all you see is a thread of an SMS text?  How do you "feedback" to validate ... ever sent someone a text message/email, waited and wondered?  Whatever happened... to two chairs facing each other?

 "Without bi-directional communication, any vision's chance for success may produce mediocre results...Framed in doubt."

= Success

SuccessSuccess - What should it look like? } Remember success? ...the emotions of a job well done, a project delivered, or a program with satisfied clients seeking more... is this a novel idea or imagined?   

To create a path of success requires continual adjustments, like a jet on its flight path, it requires constant adjustment while in flight to stay the course.  Business and Programs too need constant realignment to stay the course and today's management team must have the business intelligence (BI) to pursue the optimal course.   To "land it" requires predictive outcomes based on sound metrics and informed decision making.  It means results that can be measured, quantified and qualified.  It means you being you and your team being themselves, all performing like a finely tuned engine.

"After all, success breeds success."  Period.