Strategy Brand Diagnostic

Our consultant will review the results with you prior to conducting a 1 day workshop with the management team reviewing the outcome and helping setting the priorities for action.

Through use of an e-questionnaire, our clients refine their business strategy and brand communications strategy using the Balanced Scorecard approach. 

Our advisors share the development process and your strategy statement with you to make sure it aligns to the vision and revenue objectives of the organization.  We ask the hard questions.

A set of e-questions specific to your industry and company are generated. Established in Europe as an industry standard, built on the fundamentals of Harvard University professors, our secure and complete instrument enables you to get a reality check on your model, stakeholder alignment and collaborative dialogue to squeeze new found revenue opportunities.

e-questionnaires are submitted by e-mail to the review participants.

A set of spider chart webs are generated showing:
Importance: How well are your priorities aligned with your strategy?
Perfomance: How well are you actually performing on the critical issues?
Potential: Identification of those areas where you MUST improve to execute your strategy successfully?

REVIEW - How to get your organization aligned

Misalignment is a hidden phenomenon in almost all organizations irrespective of size or purpose. Misalignment makes people pursuing conflicting objectives, serve different interests and work in different directions. Misalignment results in wasted resources, missed business objectives and frustration. Just listen to conversations between colleagues when you are traveling and you will realize that misalignment is a very common phenomenon.

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With ValuePerform you can test and align a business unit within just one week and with very little effort. ValuePerform is disrupting the way strategy alignment is normally performed by delivering 90% of the results in just a fraction of the time normally required.