Technology Sector expertise

The management team of RevenuePerform have been involved in marketing and sales of start up, emerging and fortune 100 organizations in the Information, Communications and Telecommunications world.  Both on a domestic scale and offshore entities, from concept to public trading. 

In senior executive management roles, they have been instrumental in the creation of new global brands, managing 40+ person marketing departments and members of 5,000+  sales teams. Every experience was a memory of observation, trial and error and accumulated skills in how to identify, develop, nurture and convert prospects into revenue generating customers. 

Whether your technology company is a start up, emerging player or Tier 1 leader, RevenuePerform can help. RevenuePerform can assist in the board room, sales bull pen, marketing team or in customer facing.  Our depth and breadth of sales leadership, training, management and coaching brings to your organization the intellectual knowledge of what works, what may need to be tweaked and more particularly how to go grow the business.